AusGlobe Logistics makes international freight forwarding easy.

Transporting goods to and from overseas markets like China doesn’t need to cause headaches. We are leading Australian experts in international freight forwarding and export logistics. Our clients are confident in knowing that when their goods move off-site they’re in good hands.

Our efficient and economical logistics systems, processes and thorough understanding of export legislation and regulation are proven. We’re enabling many of Australia’s most successful export companies to move goods faster and safer, with less fuss and minimal costly delays.

Take advantage of the strong and trusted relationships we’ve built with Australian and overseas customs agencies to meet your freight forwarding objectives.

AusGlobe have completed over 65000 jobs for some 1153 clients. Our services cover 393 cities and 122 countries worldwide.

Choose AusGlobe for a next level standard of service and efficiency.

Find us at or call (61) 7 3256 7694 to discuss your international freight forwarding and logistics needs today.

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AusGlobe Logistics are experts in domestic freight and international freight. Whether transporting goods across Australia, across the sky or across the sea, our freight forwarding and logistic services are guaranteed to deliver. We are experienced in all forms of freight forwarding and logistic services including air freight, sea freight, rail and road freight both nationally and internationally. We make importing and exporting freight to and from countries like China, efficient and economical through our proven logistics systems and processes. Our understanding of export legislation, freight and logistics regulations ensures your goods move through channels safely to their arrival destination. Our established and cooperative working relationships with Australian and overseas customs agencies ensures that we can navigate the complexities of the most stringent of import and export regulatory environments. The team at AusGlobe are committed to providing our import and export clients with a comprehensive, reliable freight and logistic service.


Are you interested in moving goods into or out of China? AusGlobe Logistics are your freight and logistics experts. We can help you take advantage of the provisions of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) that have made it easier than ever before for Australian businesses to import and export into China. Demand for quality Australian goods in China is strong. Ensuring goods are in a pristine state during freight transit and on arrival is critical. For more information visit us at

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