There is no substitute for certainty and reliability in air, sea and land freight. Choosing Ausglobe is a very smart decision.

The team at Ausglobe Logistics are a taking on the big boys in providing reliable air, sea and land freight. We are growing fast but we’re not too big to put our customer’s need first.

When reliability and certainty of supply to your customers is a critical factor, choosing the right logistics and freight forwarding partner is a priority. We ensure that greater certainty can be achieved through our global freight network of agency partners strategically positioned in over 393 cities, in 122 countries. With in excess of 30 years experience and focus on professionalism, the extra care and attention to detail we provide ensures that the needs of Australian exporters and importers responsible for moving sensitive products such as medical equipment or foods requiring live or chilled transport are expertly catered for.

Our extensive knowledge of Australian rules and regulations ensures customs and AQIS clearances are efficient.

We offer a range of specialist services including;

  • Pharma Logistics & Medical trials
  • Biological shipments
  • Diagnostic perishable & general shipments
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Live Seafood & Live Fish
  • Meat Exports, live frozen or chilled
  • Time Sensitive shipments
  • Chillier packaging & dry ice packaging
  • Export Permits & AQIS Facilities
  • Chilled & Frozen warehousing available
  • Wine Logistics

At Ausglobe, we commit to handling each and every shipment with the care and attention it requires to ensure in-tact, on time delivery.

For reliable air, sea and land freight, call us today on +61 07 3256 7694. For more information see or a quote visit our website.

Ausglobe Logistics are the Air, Sea and Land Freight professionals
Ausglobe Logistics are the Air, Sea and Land Freight professionals

At AusGlobe Logistics we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the unique needs of all our medical clients. When it comes to ensuring much-needed and lifesaving pharma or medical supplies reach health professionals on the front line, AusGlobe is Australia’s most trusted provider of freight forwarding and sensitive logistics services worldwide.

We may not be saving lives but we know that the work we are doing in moving supplies is critical to the work Doctors and Nurses do in hospitals every day here in Australia, overseas and in developing countries. When medical and pharma goods reach their destination, it’s essential for health workers to have complete confidence. Knowing the strict conditions needed for safe transportation of medicines and medical equipment have been followed, ensures their work in medical research and patient care in surgeries and hospitals is immediately beneficial.

AusGlobe Logistics are leading experts in medical and pharma freight providing the ideal conditions required to move supplies. Our extensive worldwide network of partnering offices and dedicated cargo control ensures safe handling, transport and flexible delivery of your sensitive cargo to precisely where you need it to be whether in Australia or to a small village anywhere in the world.

“We’re one of the largest pharma and medical delivery company in Australia. We service all hospitals Australia wide delivering patients samples and tests around Australia and the Globe. Obviously with time sensitivity and strict temperature control requirements it can be challenging ensuring test kits and clinical trials reach patients on time anywhere in the world.

AusGlobe guarantees aircraft space and connection flights always go brilliantly. We send up to 80 airfreight exports per week from all major cities in Australia to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and all of Europe. AusGlobe is yet to let us down, they are unbelievable!”

Alex Walter, CEO

AusGlobe Logistics are experts in assessing even the most complex of freight and logistics requirements, planning and executing the most efficient and effective solution.

For more information on AusGlobe Logistics medical and pharma freight forwarding and logistics services or to request a quote visit

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AusGlobe ensuring sensitive freight gets to where it’s needed most.